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... our customers are now informed automatically by e-mail, letter or SMS on the status of their orders!

Uniique-campaign ...

... is now connected to our customer data. Our feedback on customer behavior goes out within seconds while we save cost as well.


Today, I created a personal e-mail with personalized content to 400 top customers in just 3 minutes ...

Why should you decide on uniique-campaign?



Grows along with your requirements: from a simple PC-installation to thousands of campaigns on multiple servers



Uniique-campaign is economically priced. You pay only for functions and services you really need


Event driven

Optional campaign control trough website, online shops or applications in order to drive individual campaigns.


Instantly productive

Quickly and easily to install and with the standard data model ready to go for the first campaign within minutes


Data Integration

Load your data easily into uniique-campaign or rely directly on your DWH or CRM-system


Multi-Channel Support

Communicate via multiple channels and reach your contacts more efficiently and effectively 



All functions and procedures are designed in a very user-friendly way and are easy to understand.


Success Control 

Integrated, meaningful reports or direct access to uniique-campaign with third-party applications.

uniique-campaign is passion, experience and knowledge

Many years of experience and success in dialogue-marketing, process automation of marketing operations, preparing of evidenced solutions for marketing success control and handling large data volumes have influenced us.

Along with high investments in development, we brought our passion for the most effective solution in our new products for successful dialogue marketing. You will benefit from our experience with thought-out products that are user-friendly and effective. Uniique-campaign is used by a variety of industry-leading companies and organizations. We take pride in that and we are continously improving our products and services, always driven by our passion to offer the best products at favorable prices to our customers. To give you a convincing impression of our products, pricing and the low total cost of ownership (TCO), we provide you with access to a 100% free and supported trial version of uniique-campaign.